About us

We are independent financial planners helping individuals and businesses get a better understanding of their finances, so they can make smart decisions and improve their lives.

We know wealth,
we know people

Platinum Financial Planning has always been about more than financial advice. It was founded in 2004 with the belief that the successful management of wealth requires an understanding of finance but is rooted in an even deeper understanding of people. It is about understanding our clients and recognising the trust they place in us.

Why the name

There is more to platinum than meets the eye. You probably know it is one of the rarest elements in the world, and you might even be aware of its tarnish-free reputation. Less well known is its stability and flexibility; it is the most ductile material on Earth.

The official metre stick and kilo weight measures are both made from pure platinum, making it one of the most trusted substances in existence. And it is hard-working too, as a crucial component in every car’s catalytic converter.

Look beneath platinum’s shiny surface, and you will discover a wealth of useful yet largely unknown qualities. Unless, of course, you happen to be one of our clients, in which case all of this will already be reassuringly familiar.

Our vision

We use insight to empower and improve lives

Our fundamental goal is to provide our clients with quality financial insight to ensure they are in an informed position where they can fully understand how they are going to achieve their financial goals.

We believe that the more knowledge we share, the more empowered our clients will become.




We’re invested in our clients, our community, our team, and the insight we provide. We take pride in empowering our clients, partners, and employees to achieve their potential and do the right thing.


Our experience, qualifications, and total commitment to customer care ensure our clients receive the highest standard of independent financial advice, always tailored to their individual circumstances.


We’re the trusted partner of many associations and have built longstanding, trusted relationships with many of our corporate and private clients. We speak openly and honestly with our clients, and they trust the advice they receive.

Always improving

We strive to be experts in our field. We’re continually improving our expertise, our knowledge, and our industry insight to ensure we’re always in a position to provide our clients with the best possible advice.

What our clients say

"Platinum have given us the courage to move forward and enjoy ourselves"

Fred & Heather

"Platinum have enabled us to live a better life"

Ian & Christine

"Platinum make me feel more secure about my financial future"


"Platinum have enabled us to live the lifestyle we've always dreamed about"

Rob & Jan

"I would recommend Platinum due to their knowledge, experience, their relationships with their clients and their professionalism."

Maria Morgan

"We trust Platinum to provide our members with the specific information, advice, and support they need at critical times in their careers."

Nuala O’Donnell

"Platinum has a deep understanding of the needs of teachers and their pensions."

Stephen McCord

Client survey results

Your point of view matters, so when clients just like you shared their opinions on their experience with us, we were delighted with what they said.

96.71 %
of clients would recommend us to their friends, family, or colleagues.
93.13 %
of clients believe that working with us has helped them or will help them achieve their financial goals.
98.77 %
of clients were satisfied that we understood their needs and objectives.

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