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Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are the part of an employee’s total remuneration that is not paid as salary.

The introduction of Auto-Enrolment at the end of 2012, put employee pensions at the top of the agenda for employers. However it doesn't have to stop there, implementing a well designed employee benefit package for some or for all of your staff is something employees should now be considering. 

The benefits an employer can provide are extensive, ranging from pensions and life cover, to income protection and private medical insurance. Putting together the right package for your staff can be critically important to the success of your business.

People are an organisation’s competitive edge, biggest expense, and most costly investment.

At Platinum Financial, we are committed to adding value and income to your business by developing an employee benefits package that is right for you.  By working closely with you, we make a holistic assessment of your objectives and requirements and create a bespoke benefits package for your business and its employees.

Why bother with benefits? Wouldn’t it be simpler just to pay staff more?

Employers have long understood the crucial link between the benefits they offer and the recruitment and retention of staff. This is borne out of research that shows a direct relationship between the number of benefits an employee has and the level of happiness they report in the relationship with their employer. (YouGov Employee Happiness Index, Oct 2011).

There are many advantages to offering an attractive employee benefits package, particularly in highly competitive industries where staff attraction and retention are crucial.

The Pensions Regulator is the statutory regulator for workplace pensions. 

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Auto Enrolment.

What Does Your Employee Benefit Package Look Like?